Unlike the majority of European countries, the Maltese Islands in winter are a rather warm affair. However, the weather in Malta is not the only reason to take a holiday break here in winter – there is so much to do and to see!

  1. Valletta City Gate is a gate located at the entrance of Valletta, Malta. The present gate, which is the fifth one to have stood on the site, was built between 2011 and 2014 to designs of the Italian architect Renzo Piano.
  2. Barrakka Gardens: The Upper Barrakka Gardens and Lower Barrakka Gardens are public gardens in Valletta. They both attract so many tourists and Maltese all through the year to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the Grand Harbour.
  3. National Museum of Archaeology: The National Museum of Archaeology is a Maltese museum of prehistoric artifacts. The museum presents a tantalising glimpse into the Maltese Neolithic period. It is managed by Heritage Malta. Don’t Miss the 5000 year-old statuette of the ‘Sleeping Lady’.
  4. Malta5D : Explore the colourful and impressive episodes of the Maltese history and culture, magnified with 3D film.
  5. Strait Street: Valletta’s Strait Street is easily the most famous street in Malta. Known as Strada Stretta in Maltese, the street was the pinnacle of nightlife amongst American and British military men and Maltese frequenters between the 19th and mid-20th century. Today the popular area still hosts bars, live music, and even festivals.

For more information visit Unilang’s information page about Malta – https://www.unilangeducation.com/information-page/ and Check out our Activity packs which include Valletta tours and also exploring Malta’s best spots – https://www.unilangeducation.com/activities.