Unilang International School of Languages

A boutique school situated in the heart of Valletta

Unilang is a registered ELT school in Malta  and is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union of Malta. Our students/clients are adults who wish to improve their professional English skills in the workplace, University students who wish to have an advantage by improving their English speaking skill before entering the work world or people who want to learn General English so as to be able to communicate better in today’s Global Community.

Unilang offers a comprehensive range of quality English language courses for young adults, adults and professionals. Our classes are equipped with the latest technology and teaching facilities and we follow a Curriculum and Grading System using the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

From the moment our students land in Malta and are taken to the accommodation of their choice and finally in the classroom, our team is there to give them all the support they require.

In addition, Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment. It is crucial for us at Unilang to, not only teach English but to facilitate learning. This means that we believe in a hands-on approach which enables students to understand and become more involved in the learning process. Thus, they are able to learn faster, more effectively and students become independent lifelong learners of English.

Discover the benefits of learning English with Unilang

Discover the benefits of learning English with Unilang

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1 Why Malta? Why Unilang?
2 1 Malta is a bi-lingual country. The local language is Maltese with English being the other national language and spoken by all the population. 1Unilang is a boutique school situated in the heart of Valletta, the centre of culture, entertainment and Activity. Ideal for students who are looking to combine language, leisure and Culture
3 2 Buses are the main form of public transportation and are efficient and inexpensive. Distances are short and all amenities are within easy reach. 2The Valletta bus terminal is an ever busy roundabout around the Triton Fountain exclusive to the busses in front of the Valletta City Gate. There are 66 different bus routes going from here. You can travel to anywhere on the island from Valletta.
43Malta offers a warm Mediterranean climate; year round sunshine, clear blue seas & vibrant nightlife3Since, Unilang is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union Malta, it provides students with 3 Month internship, Internships provide students the opportunity to gain deeper practical understanding of the business world and further improve their language skills
54Visitors do not need to take any special health precautions when travelling to Malta. The level of health care is of an extremely high standard.4Through Unilang organised social, cultural, and educational activities, the School tries to facilitate integration of long term student to the Maltese lifestyle.
65Malta is a great place to visit for sea, sun, culture, attractions and all year round events. Malta has a number of both sandy and rocky beaches which provide a great place to relax after some hours in the classroom. Malta enjoys an effervescent calendar of cultural events with major music concerts held all summer long as well as a thriving year-round clubbing scene. Classical music is very popular on the Islands and recitals take place regularly in the Baroque churches scattered over the Island.5Students feel like it's a home from home. Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment

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