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    Unilang International School of Languages, дочерняя компания Союза работников труда Мальты, является бутик-школой, расположенной в самом сердце Валлетты. Unilang - зарегистрированная школа ELT на Мальте, и наши студенты / клиенты - это взрослые, которые хотят улучшить свои профессиональные навыки на английском языке на рабочем месте, студенты университетов, которые хотят иметь преимущество, улучшая свои навыки владения английским языком, прежде чем войти в мир работы или люди, которые хотят Изучить Общий английский, чтобы иметь возможность лучше общаться в современном Глобальном сообществе.

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    Unilang предлагает широкий спектр качественных курсов английского языка для молодых людей, взрослых и профессионалов. Наши классы оснащены новейшими технологиями и учебными заведениями, и мы следим за учебной программой и системой оценки, используя общие европейские рамки для изучения языка, обучения и оценки.


Зачем изучать английский На Мальте?

The island of Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Italy. This strategic position makes the Islands easily accessible from almost anywhere, with regular, direct flights to many European Countries. The two official languages in Malta are English and Maltese with both languages used extensively.

The Maltese Islands can be described as one big open-air museum with a history spanning 7,000 years and much of the historic architecture and artefacts still very visible today. Also Malta boasts of a great climate and having one of the securest environments in the world - the perfect reason to pack your bags and settle down under the warm inviting Mediterranean sun. Malta has so much to offer.


Наша философия Английский для вашего будущего

Our dynamic team and professional teachers all value our balanced international student mix and strive to provide our clients with best value for money. Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment.

It is crucial for us at Unilang to, not only teach English but to facilitate learning. This means that we believe in a hands-on approach which enables students to understand and become more involved in the learning process. Thus, they are able to learn faster, more effectively and students become independent lifelong learners of English.


Facilities & Location More than English

Unilang is situated in the heart of Valletta and is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union. This means that we can offer students 3 months internship. Internships provide students the opportunity to gain deeper practical understanding of the business world and further improve their language skills.

Additionally, Students can benefit from staying at the historical city Valletta, which is filled with grand palaces, museums, inspiring architecture and heritage sites. But it’s also a social hub sporting a shopping mall, professional offices, tasteful restaurants and chic coffee shops. It’s a nightlife spot and all amenities are within easy reach. Also when travelling students can travel all over the island directly from the Valletta bus terminal.

Разговорные языки

Миллионы людей, говорящих по-английски

Часы в неделю


We answer your questions

We offer Students, three Unique Additional Benefits that other language schools may not offer: Our Unique Location in the Heart of Valletta, Student Work Placement/Internship and Accommodation

Do you have any comments or questions about Enrolment or English Courses? Feel free to leave your Feedback, Suggestions or any questions you may have by using our Contact Form below:

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What Our Students Say

  • "A quickly message to say goodbye. We are leaving tomorrow morning. Our final destination remains unknown, but we are very positive about our future. It will be nice, for sure, just because life is nice and the world is big and beautiful enough. I wish you the best. I feel very lucky to have been studying in your school. This school has your soul, this is what makes it so special. Thank you for everything.''

    Pilar Duat Llorens (France)
  • "I had a very good experience with Unilang! Before coming to Malta, I had done in depth research about schools and I had finally found Unilang School. From the beginning to the very end I've never regretted my choice. I got very professional and amazing teachers! I haven't just learnt English here. Due to do the English Level I noticed mistakes and I have tried to improve my English. Malta is an amazing country and my experience here was superb. In Unilang I felt like home. Teachers, staff and new friends made me welcome and my stay a happy one. I felt like I was part of a family. I'll never forget my experience and if I had another chance I would choose Unilang again!"

    Güniz Günel (Turkey)
  • "I had been studying in Unilang for almost one year. It's the best experience that I have ever done in my life. Not only professionally but humanly too. I had the opportunity to learn English with a serious and professional staff. The head, Pauline, was very careful of the needs of every single student. The teachers planned elaborately the lessons, it was never boring! Sometimes we had outdoor lessons (museum, park,...) It isn't a big school, for this, I had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and discover different cultures. I have created special friendships with wonderful people. Today I can say that because of this experience I have "brothers and sisters" in Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey and Spain. I think that this experience has changed me in a positive way. I will never forget these fabulous months! If you are reading this feedback, don't hesitate! Do it, you won't regret!"

    Mascia Flavia Leone (Belgium)
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  • Unilang International School of Languages
    South Street, Workers` Memorial Building, VLT 1103 Valletta, Maltaunilang@gwu.org.mt

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