English is the language of international communication and a good communication skills of English makes you a highly attractive candidate for future employers. Combining language learning with work experience in an English-speaking environment will make far more rapid improvement that you would by learning English in your home country,

By working in an English speaking environment and interacting with English throughout the whole day you will be exposed to specialist workplace vocabulary. In addition to learning English, you will also have knowledge of what the job and obtain skills that will be recognised in other workplaces. The responsibility and independence you’ll gain living in a new country will help your confidence and teach you life skills that will be invaluable throughout your career. Work experience will allow you stand out to potential future employers as well as help you choose the right sector to work in.

Work Placement has many benefits. Additional benefits are:

  • Discover a new country
  • Gain insight into a foreign work environment
  • A chance to demonstrate how you can contribute in a work environment
  • Workplacement will differentiate yourself and make yourself more employable
  • Work life skills such as communicating well or working in teams
  • You will gain knowledge of what a job involves
  • Structured, supervised, hands-on experience
  • Skills that will be recognised in other workplaces
  • Confidence in your ability to learn and master new skills and tasks
  • An understanding of the world of work
  • An opportunity to demonstrate commitment and reliability
  • A new referee to add to your resume
  • An employment opportunity.
  • Practice job-seeking skills such as application forms and interviews
  • Boosting your CV – Make your CV or résumé stand out
  • Expand your global networks

Unilang is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union and this means that we can offer students 3 months internship. For more information. Click on the link below:

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