#1: Take a trip

This is the year! You’re finally going to take that international trip you’ve been dreaming of. Get the most out of your trip by learning the language of the country you will be visiting. By doing so you’ll be able to truly communicate with locals, shopkeepers and street vendors, be exposed to and then demonstrate your understanding of the culture, and create lasting memories that you wouldn’t have been able to experience without knowing the language.

#2: Get a better job

Your second language will benefit you and your coworkers at home and internationally. Speaking a second language will give you a valuable advantage at work. You’ll be seen as having flexible and far-reaching communication skills, being a better decision maker, and having better perception and multitasking skills.  Your ability to communicate with people that others at your workplac might not be able to engage with will help you advance in your career. There are many job opportunities that require English as the sole language.

#3: Get a better education

If you’re looking to advance your education, learning a new language is an excellent place to start. Not only will you adhere to your resolution. Learning English will broaden your perception of various cultures, history, and people, and it will give you a lifelong appreciation of all of the above. You will also be able to read famous works of literature and texts in it’s original language form.

Make English language learning your #1 goal this year 2017!